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Finish Line Coaching is focused on Everything, Training and Conditioning by providing high-quality services and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Getting you faster, stronger and more efficient is what we are all about. Finish Line Coaching will make the journey fun and rewarding with personal attention to your needs and requests.


Want to get faster, stronger for the next sports season?


Looking for that competitive edge over your competition.

Program designs will focus on improving movement techniques for all sports and any position.

Full body training drills designed to work your legs, arms and core muscles.

Functional - Agility - Speed - Training

Intense Mixed Performance Accelerated Cross Training

1 on 1


Small Group Training


Going the distance, or looking to give it a Tri?

Did you know?

Need help looking for race and finishing? You will find much more time is actually spent preparing to compete than actually competing. It only makes sense to enjoy the entire process, and not just focus on yourself and the finish line. The journey is always more fun with someone by your side.

You are 2x more likely to achieve your goals with a training plan

TRI3 Club Information

Find and join other endurance enthusiast. 


  • Triathlon Diets

  • How to Adjust Food Intake When You Taper & during the Off-Season

  • Maximize Recovery

  • Let Your Heart Rate Lead You to Success

  • Refueling After Your Workouts

  • Avoiding The Endurance 15

  • How The Treadmill Is Killing Your Workout

  • 10 Training Rules for Triathletes

  • One and Done: Make the most of 60 minutes

  • How to Balance Running and Strength Training

  • Tips to Running a Strong Marathon

  • Developing an Annual Training Plan

  • Why You Should Add Snowshoeing to your Winter Training

  • Nutrition Tips for Runners

  • Swim Faster: 3 Keys to Your Next Swim PR

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

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